Post #9 - Chau's New Artwork For Sale + Upcoming Screening at IIFF

As some may know after seeing the film or having watched Courtney's interviews, we sell Chau's work here on our site until he can do so by himself at an international level. One goal that we feel very confident he will achieve. On this News Feed, we will continue to update what Chau currently has for sale. If you are interested in a piece, please email

Chau's work is usually sold quite quickly since he does a good job of maintaining his own customers. However, we are trying to extend his art to America. The more purchases to Chau and his work, the more he can save to open up his own studio one day. All paintings are oil on cloth canvas (unless specified otherwise) and are painting entirely by mouth. 

Title: Works the Way of Love
Dimensions: 60cm x 80cm
Description: 2 individual paintings, combined to make one
Price: $200 USD (plus shipping and handling)

On another note, we are excited to share news that one of our only remaining festivals is upon us! We have been invited to screen Chau, beyond the lines at the Irvine International Film Festival.  Our screening will be taking place Sunday, Jan. 17th @ 7:30pm at the Laguna Hills Mall Cinema. Director, Courtney Marsh, and Producer, Jerry Franck, will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening. To buy tickets please visit Hope to see you there!