Post #6 - SBTN sits down with Director, Courtney Marsh

Director, Courtney Marsh, was very honored to sit down with television personality Victoria Nguyen of the Saigon Broadcasting Television Network, for the show "Victoria To Uyen" -- a magazine-style talk show that is aired daily in primetime and is the longest running show on the network (over 13 years).

In this interview, Courtney explains what Agent Orange is and the lasting effects of the chemical, which are still taking place in Vietnam as we speak. SBTN is a network based in Orange County, CA, which boasts a large Vietnamese community, most people, directly impacted by the war. In the mid 1970's, many Southern Vietnamese, living in Saigon, were forced to immigrate into the United States, fearful of the consequences for not supporting the Communist North. 

Note: The name, Ho Chi Minh City, only officially became the name for Saigon in July, 1976 -- after the war -- to honor the first prime minister of Vietnam, and also, Ho Chi Minh, a famous figure in the Vietnam war. Because it has just been used for over 30 years, Ho Chi Minh City is a name more popular to young people.

Click HERE to watch Part One of the televised interview.
(The interview portion of this telecast is in English with Vietnamese subtitles).