Post #5 - Vietnam & The United States: What is really at stake? Big decisions to be made soon.

Vietnam is the United States' # 1 trading partner in Southeast Asia and is a rapidly growing economy as well as America's tie into the South China Sea. However, with the upcoming 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, there will be a "re-shuffling" of key positions in government, and Vietnam will most likely make strides to become distinctively closer to China or the U.S. With the China's history, and now with  the Beijing Sandcastle's raising eyebrows amongst political leaders in Vietnam (and the U.S.), why is a partnership with the United States not the obvious choice? 

Below is one of the most enlightening and clear reports we have read on the current state of Vietnam and the U.S., including what is at stake for both countries' futures, and why wounds must be healed. Contrary to popular belief, Agent Orange is no longer an issue of the past. It is creeping right into trending geo-political topics that will determine our future in international trade. Take a read below and see why our government should continue to make the final amends with Vietnam, why we should encourage them, and why we owe it not only to the Vietnamese, but to ourselves, to put this last ghost of war to rest.