Post #16 - LMC Gallery and an update on Chau

Every since the announcement of the nomination on Thursday, Chau has been flooded with interviews and newscasts at his apartment. We are happy to report that Chau is doing wonderfully. He currently holds a job painting portraits (see below). 

He is also still thriving as a freelance artist, being commissioned by buyers from America, Europe, Japan, and Vietnam. Chau currently has two pets that he cares for: a porcupine and a hamster.  In his free time, he began taking a motorcycle taxi to go to the movies, meet friends, and go eat sushi - his newfound favorite dish. Days before he was to gather a group of friends to play soccer. He said he has started a soccer league and says he wish everyone had a bit more time for it, but everyone is busy with work.

His new art gallery, which is also his apartment, I may add, is called LMC Gallery (Le Minh Chau Gallery) and is located in District 10. He always welcomes guests and is happy to paint for them right then and there. "I paint whenever. I always paint at night because it is where my best ideas come from. I paint from night to dawn, and the day after, I am always pretty tired, waking up at noon. I'm tired, but happy as this was the dream I always wanted to be living. My dream to many was unrealistic, but now it is real," he shares.