Post #12 - Agent Orange in Okinawa?

Last month, studies were to be done in Okinawa to test for high dioxin levels in former employees, who worked at Camp Kinser, a 2.7-square-kilometer U.S. Marine Corps supply base located in the city just north of Naha, Japan. According to the reports, unused military supplies were returned during the Vietnam War to Okinawa, which was the United States' main outpost at the time. Japan is claiming that "leaked substances including dioxin (aka TCDD), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and insecticides within the base [killed] marine life [there]." While, a representative of the U.S. told locals that there is no likelihood of dangerous contamination, questions were raised when marine life was recently tested, showing extreme and unsafe levels of dioxin contamination.

While the US government denies Agent Orange ever being present in Okinawa, former US Veterans say a vast array of defoliants were shipped there under the claim that Okinawa was America’s most important staging post for the Vietnam War. Former service members claim herbicides were sprayed to keep runways and perimeter fences clear. Veterans also claim that surplus and damaged barrels of defoliants were buried within Okinawa’s bases.