About Le Minh Chau :

Born in the Agent Orange 'hotspot' of Dong Nai, in 1991, Chau was born with a rare disability caused by dioxin--the chemical found in Agent Orange--after his mother unknowingly drank from a contaminated river. With his family unable to care for him, he grew up in Lang Hoa Binh care center, where he was taught to cope with his disabilities until the age of 17. Chau found passion in drawing at an early age, and realized a career in art was his calling, but he was told such a high-reaching goal for a person with physical setbacks was impossible. Over the course of 8 years, Chau managed to defy all odds and obstacles, and at age 25, he is a working artist in Ho Chi Minh, living on his own.

Chau prides himself on creating original Vietnamese artwork rather than reproductions.  He mainly paints with oils on cloth canvas, entirely with his mouth. He believes his paintings to have soul as he puts fervent thought and time into each painting he creates.

*Connect with Chau on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/le.m.chau.90